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Julia Farnsworth - 17th Oct '16

Skipton in Lancs

Good afternoon Hugh
We just wanted to let you know how fantastic baby 'Eric' is getting on with his new family. We bought him from you on the 12th April, driving across from Skipton in Lancs.
We have now had Eric a month and he is a truly beautiful little dog. Very healthy, happy and intelligent. He is great with his walks and has a healthy appetite. Upon a health check recently, he was pronounced fit and healthy by the local vet. he sleeps all night long without a peep, is almost house trained and just wants to be around people.
We are absolutely delighted with him and want to thank you for your lovely, friendly and informative professional services.
Hope things are going well for you and will certainly recommend your business to anyone interested in purchasing puppies you specialise in.
Eric is on the left of the picture!

Julia Farnsworth

Andrea Hill - 16th Sep '15

Barry, South Wales

Hello Mr Davies

 Just thought i'd drop you a little email to let you know how my new puppy Milo, (brown and white Cavalier x Lhasa Apso purchased from you on 23/8/15) is settling in. All i can say is fantastic!! As you can see from the photos i have attached, he is doing brilliantly, getting on very well with his big brother Vinnie (Cavalier x bichon i bought from you 2 yrs ago) although, i think he is going to be a bit bigger than his big brother when he is fully grown, he is growing like a weed!! 

 He is developing a great character and gives lovely cwtches, both to me and his brother. I took him to my vets for a check up as suggested by you, and as expected he was given a clean bill of health. Many thanks also for keeping him with you for an extra three weeks until my annual leave began, i think this made a massive difference with his house training as he is almost fully trained in that respect.  I can't thank you enough for this wonderful addition to our family. Once again it was a pleasure doing business with you, best wishes to you and your family. 

Ange & Andy Gregory - 9th Sep '15


Hello Hugh, With Floss' first birthday coming up tomorrow, I thought you might like an update on how she's doing. In a nutshell, she's one of the best things that has ever happened to us! She's affectionate, funny, respectful, adaptable - all rolled into one. She's great with young children and knows instinctively who in the family is good for playing with, chasing, cuddling and who to be slightly wary of! We've taken her to stay in holiday homes in Devon and Cornwall, where she has adapted to new surroundings brilliantly and has never damaged or soiled in anyone's houses. She became house-trained very quickly and still uses her crate to sleep in. You may remember that our daughter was rather wary about the news we were getting a dog - well they are absolutely besotted with each other! Our 2 teenage boys love her to bits too - the feeling is mutual. She gets a lot of admiring comments wherever we go, both when she is smartly groomed and when we let her fur grow longer and scruffier. We don't expect she'll grow much bigger now, which is fine and probably reflects her tricky early weeks of being adopted by your spaniel. She has been healthy all year. The only minor worry we had was when she ate half a fruit scone and needed the vet to take action in case she became unwell. Oh, and she quite likes chewing plastic, e.g. arms of reading glasses, doll's legs!! If you hear from anyone else who bought pups from her litter, we'd be really grateful if you could forward our details to them so we can compare notes!

Many thanks and hope things are all good with you.

Best wishes

Ange & Andy Gregory

Karen Tebble - 28th Aug '15


This is me playing with Molly my big sister. I settled in straight away and I love my new home From Jess

Hi Hugh

Puppy was great travelling home, which took us around 6 hours and settled in straight away just as Molly did 3 years ago. It was good to see you again and all the happy puppies and totally content Mum and Dads. It's clear they still all adore you and plain to see you are the same with them. Please feel free to put this letter on your testimonials and should anyone have any doubts then give them my phone number for the reassurance that if they are looking to purchase a pup, then they are guaranteed to get a healthy happy sociable little family friend from you. It is a very long way to travel for us but that's what you do to get the best.

Kind regards

Karen Tebble

Kerry Jupp - 19th Aug '14


Hi Huw , a year ago we came to collect Pandora from you , we thought you'd like to hear how she's getting on !
Firstly ,I could have sold her over and over again , everyone she meets (and we've just travelled to Portugal ,Spain and France with her ) wants her !
She is the sweetest natured little dog ever , although she does think she's a Labrador !
She comes with me every week when I visit a residential care home for the elderly , as I'm a volunteer with the WRVS .
She draws quite a crowd !
I just want to thank you again again for such a sweet natured ,gorgeous little dog that has touched our lives .
Best wishes,
Kerry Jupp

Heather Evans - 27th Jun '14


Dear Hugh, We wanted to let you know how delighted we are with our beautiful miniature schnauzer puppy we purchased from you on 27th June. We have named her Oti (meaning 'complete' as she has indeed completed our family). The bond she has formed with our 11 year old daughter is an absolute joy. Oti is very sociable, mischievious and has captured the hearts of everyone she has met. Although we have only had her for 4 weeks she has learned so much and is eager to please - she is fully toilet trained (only 2 mishaps in total!!!), can sit on command, give her paw, loves to fetch, and is excellent on the lead. However she loves chewing shoes (the smellier the better!!) and digging up the garden. We really cannot thank you enough for bringing such a bundle of happiness into our family. We would highly recommend your kennels and were very impressed to see all your happy, healthy dogs and puppies. Please feel free to add this e-mail and photos to your testimonials.

Many thanks Gary, Heather & Millie Evans (Bridgend).

Kelvin & Rosemary Cooper - 4th Jan '14


After another 5 hour journey home, Lacy slept for most of the trip but has settled in remarkably well ,she is not quite house trained but no matter, she has a boy friend in my sons golden Retriever Billy which we look after during the day and they have become the best of mates. Lacey has now doubled her weight and has had her full course of injections she loves going for walks and meeting other dogs and their owners. We am very glad to have found you and your kennel and would have no hesitation in recommending you as a responsible breeder who we will be in-touch with should we want to have another addition to the family, The reason for the last statement is the fact Lacey was for Rosemary but unfortunately she is a dads girl !! so a playmate for Lacey could be a possibility in the not too distant future. Many thanks for Lacey she is a credit to you, your kennel, and your breeding and we would recommend you to any one who wants a small breed which you had in your kennels. We will be in-touch should we need to acquire a playmate for Lacey

Nikki Kent - 8th Dec '13

Leighton Buzzard

Just a huge thank you for Bailey our wee chon pup he is amazing. In the few weeks we have had him he was well worth the 8 hour round trip to collect him. He has proved himself to be well socialised with other dogs and children and has quickly adapted to being a valuable part of our family, I can’t now remember life without him! I would without hesitation buy another pup from you and recommend to any potential buyer.

Kerry Jupp and family - 2nd Sep '13


I just thought I’d let you know how Pandora is getting on; she’s brought so much love and happiness not just our family but everyone she meets! She adores our youngest Jemima and has even turned our older two into dog lovers. The other dogs have been brilliant with her and she’s best friends with the Labrador who constantly play with her. I must say although there’s been bad press about online puppy purchasing, I couldn’t have been more impressed with you and your set up. You may just have a few more visitors from this side of the suspension bridge! Once again thank you so much for making our experience so enjoyable and for responsibly breeding our latest addition to our pack. My phone number is with Hugh if you want to speak to me.

Adam - 16th Jan '13


Hi Hugh, I would like to thank you for our little boy Ragu, from our first conversation through to picking him up your care and consideration made our first puppy experience a breeze and rested two very worried minds. Having searched and scoured the Internet with nothing but concern from who to purchase from we found your site and after reading your testimonials and seeing the care and effort you take we knew we were only going to buy a puppy from yourself. We were after a Yorkshire terrier x bichon frise and that meant waiting for months until one became available, a big ask from a very impatient couple :-) but we were set on only purchasing from your kennels! Ragu is such a well rounded and healthy dog! He is lively, adventurous and extremely loving. The 3 hour journey home was full of hugs and 8 weeks later we wouldn't be without him! Can't thank you enough for your advice and peace of mind you gave us through the whole experience! I can't recommend you enough to anyone looking to buy a puppy. We will be buying any future puppy from you. Certainly found a life long customer!

Adam, Jola and Ragu

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